DVM Mobile Beta Progress

Structure of Project100%

Overall project

Week 8

By the 8th week of development we completed design of the platform structure. The designer drew all the basic elements and interface pages. The main logic of the application has been programmed.

Active work is underway on the section which handles offers and auctions.

Blockchain programmer has commenced his work. Testing team has been hired for for quality assurance of the product being developed.

24 September 2019

03 October 2019

Week 9

Dear friends, we confidently crossed the line of 50% beta application availability, and even more!

This week we have made great progress in the design of the interface for all sections, fully approved the final structure of the project, formed and proceeded to testing the section of offers.

Soon we will move on to preparing the alpha version for closed testing by our main investors.

Week 10

This week we focused on the main functions of the application - developing the auction section and finalizing offers.

In addition, we approved and integrated a list of categories where it will be possible to place selling offers.

We also worked out the message section interface.

10 October 2019

17 October 2019

Week 11

The beta version launch is comming and everything is going according to the initial plan.

We have completed the development of auctions and the messenger section. We made many minor improvements to existing functionality.

Now we focus on adding the latest features, testing and optimization.