We are now building the Dapp and moving towards our goal.

Platform Overview

Unique Trading Platform

First of all, this is a unique trading platform of its kind, in it you can simply buy or sell, for example, your old phone or your son's bicycle, while the DVMarketplace will act as a guarantor of the transaction.

Simple Auction Page

If you think that your product can be sold more expensive, our DVMarketplace you can simply use the Auction page.

Worldwide Platform

Example: being in the USA you can sell your goods to a person who lives in China. Our platform will work worldwide and after the DVMarketplace release there will be 16 countries available, each week we will expand the number of languages ​​and countries.

Token Transactions

All transactions in DVMarketplace will be held for Stablecoin (USDT).

24-7 Call Center

From the first day of the DVMarketplace there will be 24/7 Call center and customer support.

Cashback System

Cashback system will be available.

Trust & Transparency

One of the main features of DVMarketplace is the use of blockchain technology, which allows you to make the platform transparent, open and as safe as possible to reduce operating business costs, as well as simplify the buying process. 

The decentralization, globalization and opportunities provided by the use of Cryptocurrencies in the project - are our competitive advantage over other business solutions that exist on the market today.


Promo Video

DVM Tokens

The investor becomes co-owner in innovative business model

The DVM tokens owners will receive 50% from the platform`s profits in proportion to their shares

The DVM token owners may vote for future company decisions.

The DVM token owners will have access to limited discounts and promotions on the DVM platform.

Stablecoin Implementation

To avoid the volatility of the crypto currency market, our platform will use a stablecoin (USDT) on the TRON blockchain network. This way the users will benefit from both the cryptocurrency and fiat experience: Instant cross- border transactions, better prices, market transparency and liquidity.

Thanks to the opportunities provided by the new technologies we can provide a VCR/Verified Customer Reviews/ - only those customers who have actually purchased the product ( with a confirmed transaction) can share their experience.

DVM Dividends Token

Like every new startup project, DVMarketplace will release an initial coin offering (ICO) with Soft-Cap. For this purpose, 200.000.000 (TRC10) DVM tokens are created. Provided to the holders of the token a monthly profit from the profits of the enterprise. 100 000 000 DVM tokens are intended for the investors. From them 40% will be issued for the first phase of the ICO.

The initial price will be 1 TRX for 1 DVM token. There is one special option for the TERC (TronEuropeRewardCoin) holders - they can invest 1 TERC for 2 DVM! After the end of the first ICO phase, the token will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. From the total supply of DVM tokens, 45% will be frozen till the full platform is released. DVM tokens will be addet automatically to the investors wallet. In case that the Soft Cap is unfulfilled all investments will be returned back.


DVM Brilliant Token

DVM Briliant is our special VIP Token with limited supply of 300 pcs. Guarantied minimum price of 50 000 TRX.
All DVM Brilliant token holders will recieve real original commemorative coin.
Advantages of DVM Brilliant token:
1. Free advertising on the platform.
2. Unlimited publications.
3. One free top seacrh advertising per day.
4. 50% more divident profits.
5. Buyback option after project release.

If you are interested in the DVM Brilliant, please send an e-mail to the contact form on the website. You will get instructions how to get it. 

DVM Token Distribution

Advertising & AirDrop



Maintenance costs

Tokens for investors

Road Map

ICO start
DVM Token
DVM Token
Exchange listing
Q3 - 2019
Q4 - 2019
Q1 - 2020

Our Team

Dinko Dimov
Master degree in Linguistic and Internet Marketing. Investor, crytpocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. More than 10 years as Head of Sales Department.
Dinko DimovCo-Founder
Viktor Vovchenko
Since 2017 provides full legal support for blockchain projects and legal consulting on ICO`s.
Viktor VovchenkoCo-Founder, Lawyer
Iren Vovchenko
Specializes in content optimization and branding development for different international business projects.
Iren VovchenkoPR-Manager
Frank Schulze
Director of Project Development. With 20 years of experience in the financial sector, a successful project manager with strong interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency research.
Frank SchulzeDirector of Project Development
Dirk Frank
Founder of SR Tron Europe. A visionary with deep skills in the software and hardware fields.
Dirk FrankAdvisor
Mic Gyver
Community Manager in SR Tron Europe. Main communication strategist, with focus to accelerate DVMarket`s growth.
Mic GyverAdvisor
Alexander Drobakhin
Responsible for the visual part of the project. He has rich experience in web development.
Alexander DrobakhinWeb Designer
Ruslan Zweryok
New additon to the team, helping us to conceptualize 2D/3D visuals based on requirements and creating images and layouts by hand or using design software.
Ruslan ZweryokGraphic Designer
Weili Jiang
Weili JiangCommunity manager China
Gerlie Cabalse
Project advertiser in Social Media and Bitcointal. Project ambassador. Project Manager in Bitcointalk. Ann thread creator and moderator.
Gerlie CabalseCryptocurrency Trader
Dennis Noeske
Dennis NoeskeCommunity manager Germany, Admin GuildChat
SeungYeon Yoo
Blockchain developer and Influencer
SeungYeon YooCommunity manager Korea
Veli Yarar
Advertising for german and turkish community. Experience with crypto for over 5 years and investor. Supported projects.
Veli YararCommunity Manager
Artem Syzoniuk
Artem SyzoniukCommunity manager & SEO optimizations

DVM Blog

DVM-Market Project News

DVM-Market Project News

Video from YouTube.
DVM ROI table forecast

DVM ROI table forecast

DVM twitter feed overview.
AirDrop on DVM-Market Overwiev

AirDrop on DVM-Market Overwiev

Video from YouTube.
DVMarketplace now listed on CoinCodex

DVMarketplace now listed on CoinCodex

Many thanks to the whole CoinCodex team for Listing us on your Platform. added to reputable sites!!! added to reputable sites!!!

DVMarketplace the first project on TRON Ecosystem that was added to reputable sites.
DVMarketplace in Berlin

DVMarketplace in Berlin

During the last Tron Europe's meeting in Berlin , the DVM team announced it's project DVMarketplace.

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